oh, where to begin with this game...

Limbo can be bought in the Playstation store, as well as the x-box live arcade respectively, for a believe a meager $15 [possibly $10][either way its worth it!]. whats best about this game is you wont find another game like it. its hard to explain what it is that makes this game so unique unless you see for yourself. but i'll try...

the story isnt told through cutscenes, for there are none. but heres what we know: your a young boy who is treking his way through Limbo [for those who dont know, Limbo is one of the levels of hell (if youre refering  to Dante Alegheri's The Inferno)] to find your lost sister. thats all the back story there is, and frankly, its all it needs...

how does one fight his way through hell? well our young hero makes his way through with some very simple actions. grab, jump, and direction. 2 buttons and either left or right on an analog stick.simple enough? using these small moves, you'll have to jump over traps and gaps, pull objects to get to a higher point. the variety is incredible for onle having 4 button options. i cant stress how great this is.

you spend the first half of the game in what apears to  be a forest where strange other people seem to be bent on killing you. you dont actually fight them, but you have to doge their traps, and run, and other things. the second half of the game is set in this factory type thing where the gameplay becomes more puzzled base.

now what makes this game fun is the ability to die and not be set back by it. the game is strongly base on "trial and death". you will die alot and thats just how youre going to figure out what to do next, or how to solve a puzzle. and it never seems to get old or frustrating.

other things that make this a great game is just to presentation. the look is great. its all black and white shades for this sidescroller. is just looks fantastic. see for yourself:

it sets the mood perfectly. as for sound, there is no music score, only sound affects and the vibration noises that are almost echoes off of the sound affects. its hard to explain. also the game is very physics based. especially durring the later puzzles including gravity and water.

as for the downsides to this game, the only thing i can think of is that the puzzles can really have you stumped at times. the answers are usually right in front of you but they arent aparently clear. i have to admit that twice i had to look online for a hint on how to beat a couple puzzles cause i literally couldnt figure out what to do. but this i admit, also kind of makes this game what it is.

i cant stress how uniquely awsome this game is, but i call it a must try for everyone. there is a free lengthy demo available for those of you afraid to drop down some money, so make it a priority to at least try that out! great game.