While, my opinion might be slightly biased due to the fact that I love transformers, but I thought this was a fantastic game. While it does value variety over depth, I personally think that it has enough depth, though I definitely wouldn't complain if it had more. The controls typically don't change very much as the game progresses, and it feels natural, especially if you've played the previous title in the series, Transformers War for Cybertron (which I also recommend, though, if you can only get one, get Fall of Cybertron). I personally had no complaints in the campaign, except that sometimes segments would last a little too long for my tastes, or they didn't last long enough. For example, the section of the game where you would play as Grimlock, the Dinobot, lasted a bit too long, but up to that point it was ridiculously fun, and the section where you play as Soundwave didn't last long enough, in my opinion, that is.  my only real complaint about the multiplayer, is that killstreaks from the first game, War for Cybertron, were removed, making actually going on a killstreak, and doing extremely well, has seemingly no reward, except a small point bonus. otherwise the multiplayer is extraordinarily fun, however on day 1 there were already people at the max level, so i always find myself being beaten by people of much higher level, which can be frustrating. those of you reading this review should remember that I'm focusing on the negative aspect of an extraordinary game, and I stick by my 9.5 rating