I notice GI only reviewed the game for xbox. Way to let me down. The ps3 version is riddled with glitches. In career mode if you play on all pro 80% of all punts will only go 15 yards even when the kick meter reads perfect. Theres a problem with the computer registering when a player steps out or is tackled out of bounds so it keeps the clock running. Ive noticed this more than a handful of times. There has also been three separate times ive sacked the QB and he fumbles but the computer refuses to acknowledge he fumbled and stops all players on the field like it was an incomplete pass. O line blocking is a joke. More times than not your blocker will not even attempt to block a defender, instead he will stumble toward the center of the field. Corner backs and linebackers have psychic abilities on the  all pro setting jumping routes while the ai for your receiver isnt given these abilities thus he doesnt fight for the ball. If you switch to an easier setting like pro you can burn the computer every time. So im either winning in pro buy a score of 60 to 20 or im loosing in all pro 60 to 40. Id hate to see the underhanded cheats in all madden.

With all these problems i cant stop playing because when you do make that great pass and catch or that long TD run its very satisfying. The physics engine makes you want to watch every replay until youve got about 15 hours of playtime clocked in then you realize the replays cant be turned off [at least i havnt figured out how to]. These replays happen after 90% of all plays and they have some what decent camera angles problem is their cut into two or three sections making it very disorienting. I wish they would keep one shot from hike to tackle and allow player control. The replays take 6 to 7 seconds before the computer gives you control again and theres no button that ive found that can bypass them from ever starting. 

Presentation is decent but when you consider it still falls short in every aspect except graphic to 2k5 it makes me want to yell "F$$$ EA" at the top of my lungs. Think about it.  8 years latter and 2k5 still has better commentating an actual half time and post game show with highlights. Im serious when i say this,      EA's lack of innovation seems criminal. Theres something monopolistically evil about the whole situation.              Anyway.................

Ive played two games player vs player and didnt notice the punt or kicking issues so maybe its just single player. PLayer v player could be the saving grace for this game. But much like single player it takes a good 10+ hours to see if its glitchy or not.

Its such a shame that this game may make me stop playing football games all together. Its hard to go back to the out dated 2k games especially once youve had a taste of a decent physics engine. The control madden gives you over player stats and team rosters is done really well. Sad thing is im starting to enjoy that more than the actual gameplay. I havnt gone online yet because i like to practice in an offline career first but after all these glitches im scared to go online and loose because madden doent know how to punt.

I equate my relationship with madden and EA to that of Ike and Tina turner. EA is Ike and im Tina. Ever year madden beats me upside my head and wallet. But i love football and Ike is the only one that can give me that love. So I put makeup over my black eye and pretend like its all good. Until it happens again and i threaten to leave. So Ike says im sorry baby heres some physics for you we can work this out and like the week football lovin sucker that i am i give him one more chance. Well Ike i can do bad all by myself.  FU$$ EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!