Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is pretty much the same as Counter Strike: Source in all the obvious ways stated in the GI review above; no instant respawns... etc, But this is an extremely good thing. As someone who has played more then 1000 hours of CSS I will obviously be biased but I will also be knowledgeable.

     If you haven't played CS before you should know that it is not a run and gun FPS like CoD (or others, don't yell fanboys) and does not encourage lone-wolf style play. If you want to win or even get kills, teamwork is key. Experience is also very important as it helps to learn every part of the maps and how every gun feels because experienced people like me already know how recoil feels will have an advantage, and there are many people like me. 1000 hours seems like alot but many CSS players have played it this much and CS 1.6 players have even more.

     The game has a hard learning curve but if it was easy it wouldn't be nearly as fun, and most players will help you and give you tips. Just don't listen when they tell you to hit F10. Never hit F10. There is a reason Counter Strike: 1.6 is still played extensively at MLG events. If you want a game that requires skill and speed as well as smarts then for 15 bucks you can't find anything better then CSGO. Even if you don't care about those things you can't find anything better then CSGO.

     The best part about CS is the plethora of quality mods. I would guess that more then half of my CSS time played was spent on MODs and not the standard play. In CS, MODs aren't just small tweaks to the gameplay though almost every server you will ever get on will have those small tweaks such as; no block, and restricted weapons, UG maps (If you are new try to play on a server that has AWP restricted. F***ing AWPers).

     There are many MODS that are pretty much completely different games. The Zombie MODS are unlike any game I've ever played and, even though it is just a MOD it is still my favorite Zombie game of all time, from Zescape to Zmassacre. The Surf MOD is again unlike anything I've ever played is probably something even Valve would never have imagined. When you throw in DeathRun, WoW, Slide, Mini Games, B-Hop, and all the other smaller MODs, and the basically infinite number of user generated maps that populate every one of these MODs it means you aren't just buying one game for a tiny 15 dollars, you are buying many games. All of which are loads of fun.

     Of course a couple important side notes on the MODs are important. The good news is these MODs do not require you to go to a website and download abunch of stuff, all of that is done for you automatically when you join a MODed server. The bad news is that this game just came out on the 21st and while almost all of these MODs can already be found in CSGO they will still be working out the kinks so be patient. If you can't be patient you should just buy CSS where things have basically been perfected.

     If you have played CS before, the guns do feel pretty weird and will take some getting used to. The entirely new maps kind of suck, but the old maps have either been left alone or changed for the better. Silencers are completely out of the game and the Zues is almost useless. The whole game will seem off for a while and hopefully the very little things will all get fixed with the patches and updates I know Valve will release on a regular basis

     Counter Strike: Source is in my top 2 games of all time and CSGO is extremely similar so I'm hoping more people see it and enjoy it with this new release. The 8.75 rating is because many of the best parts of CSS are still being created by the players and developers for CSGO. When all that gets worked out then I will surely change it to a something a little closer to 10. For now, with just the standard mode for the most part 8.75 is still very good. I definitely recommend you buy this.


1. I love using the word "plethora"

2. If you want to add me on Steam I'm "Josh Lein (I Suck)"

3. I just want to say again that this review is for the PC version of the game. I have never played CS on console and have no idea how MODs would work on consoles.

4. The T skins on Office are really bad. They are like hipster terrorists with tight pants and what not.