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For Completionists Only

While I love the franchise, there's no real reason to go back to the PS2 era games, unless you really need your fix of a few more Captain Qwark one-liners. A nice graphical polish, but these still look positively ancient compared to the Future titles.


Whether a longtime fan or someone who has never played the franchise, just get Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time (probably can get both for the same price as this), and you'll have pretty much the full gamut of R&C game play. Beyond that, you'll realize that until ACiT, the series stagnated pretty badly after Going Commando.


  • I disagree completely. All three of the games on this Collection still remain at par and probably even better than today's platformers. Many people do not have PS2s to play these games on, and instead of buying 3 seperate games, you can get it all here. I can't agree with a 7.