I imported this collection the second it was available somewhere outside of the United States. Being a huge fan of this series, there was no way I was waiting for Sony to take its sweet time getting it to gamers in the states. It was worth it. To this day, these games are the pinnacle of level design, writing, and action. All three of them are some of the very best gaming experiences you kind find on any platform.

While the first may show its age just a tad more than the rest, all three of them are classics that deserve to be played by everyone. This genre, the action platformer, is all but dead in this industry. Sure, we still get some every once in a while, and there is a new Ratchet & Clank game as well as a new Sly Cooper hitting store shelves soon enough, but the genre's best may very well be behind us. It is a genre that died way before it should have in order to make room for the shooter.

If you are a fan of action games of any kind, let it be known that Ratchet & Clank are some of the best in the business. Don't let the cartoony look fool you if you find yourself turned off by it, these are action games absolutely packed with explosion and bullets. Each game in this collection is bigger and better than the last. Each game schools almost every other action game in existence on pacing and level design. Each game runs 10 to 15 hours to boot. This is a meaty collection.

If you find yourself tiring of the same old cookie cutter shooters on the market and want something fresh, buy this collection without hesitation. On display is some of the very best games ever made, with genuinely funny and endearing characters, and balls to the wall action. This genre may be dead, but perhaps this collection can remind people what was so great about it to begin with. And if you love these games, go out and buy the two sequels on the PS3 called "Tools of Destruction" and "A Crack in Time", A Crack in Time being in my top 3 of all time list.

Don't hesitate on this one. You won't regret it.