My only issue with the new madden came because of NCAA 13. I understand that they are not the same game but they are attached at the hip. NCAA is the prequel to Madden. The big issue that I have is that they took away the best part of the last 4 madden games. Being able to save a draft class and add it to Madden. That hurts fans who look for a realistic connection in the game. Just like players who play fantasy games look for their games to be more realistic, we sports fans look for the same thing. Getting connected to a player in the college game and knowing that you will do everything in your power to draft that player and watch him develop is a big deal for hardcore fans. Losing this hurt the franchise as well as lost a few fans. I know that next year I wont be buying NCAA and I already cancelled my Madden Pre-Order. 

This is a giant step backwards in my opinion and I hope more fans will agree.