I haven't played the game and only wanted to leave a comment...apparently that isn't an option.  But without playing the game I can tell you one problem right away: the review has four paragraphs on stuff happening off the field, one paragraph on the physics engine, and one on passing.  There you have it.  I don't play Madden to be a coach and I think all the off the field stuff is getting in the way of what the core of the game should be, a football game.

I know people are going to think I'm wrong and that being a coach, running your own team, etc. is a big part of the experience, but all that should be a supplement to what happens on the field.  If the actual game of football isn't good, all the ability to pick the fastest water boy in the league won't get me to play it.

So, just to sum up, until Madden puts more focus on the game of football and less time worrying about the cost of hot dogs at the stadium, the game of Madden is going to suffer.