I've been playing Kingdom Hearts since KH II. Don't ask me about KH I: that's a whole other story with bitter memories. Anyway, I've been eagerly awaiting KH 3D for a while, but hit a KH funk while I played other games. I didn't even play the game when I first got it; it sat on my shelf for a bit till I felt like playing it.

My very first blog post on this site was about the Dream Eaters and my laments about the Pokemon cross-over.

So far, the storyline is fantastic. We jump right into the story, and the catch-up is told as flashbacks. It's quite refreshing.

The use of the command deck from Birth By Sleep was a great move; so far, that's been the best battle system yet. However, the addition of Pokemon to aid Sora and Riku instead of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy really threw me off. I hated having to learn (and re-learn) everything I knew on how to play the game. The only thing worse is Re: Chain of Memories and its horrendous card-based battle system.

I haven't made much use of the Pokemon. I refuse to. But I'm moving along quite nicely so I think I'll stick to that plan unless something happens to make me change my mind.

Looking forward to all the spoilers and set-ups for KH III. Now that will hopefully be a game worth looking into!