Step into the realm of a child’s imagination on Halloween, where you battle monsters as often as you get candy. This fateful night, your parents are making you trick-or-treat with your twin, much to your chagrin. You have an awesome robot costume while your sibling is dressed as a lame candy corn. You are quite vocal about your disgust for your sibling’s choice of getup and grudgingly walk out of your house together.


But it wouldn’t be a video game without some conflict, right? You notice something odd about this night, and it’s not just that none of the kids walking through the neighborhood have adults with them. There are almost monsters roaming the streets and a large, black gate that they seem to have come from. While knocking on doors for candy, there is a chance that there will be a monster to greet you instead of a costumed adult. The monsters are going through people’s houses and raiding for every piece of candy they can find, and they’re not opposed to fighting a little kid to take his portion of sweets. As such, they mistake your sibling for an extremely large piece of candy and kidnap your twin through the black gate, closing it behind them and leaving you in a harrowing predicament.


You can’t go home and tell your parents that your twin got kidnapped on your watch, they would blame you for it. Throughout the game, you do use police boxes (also your save points) to try and explain the situation but they don’t believe in your story of monsters taking over the town. So, it seems you just have to be the hero and handle things yourself.


Before you get too far, you find a kid in a knight costume getting picked on by some bullies. After scaring them off, the knight joins you in your quest for candy and your battle against monsters. Now you have the ability to switch between your robot and your new friend Everett’s knight costume.  Each costume has a separate set of attacks and special moves in the fight with monsters, and finding out what combination of costumes work the best is quite fun.


In order to open the gate and track down your sibling, you have to trick-or-treat at every house in the neighborhood in order to make sure all the monsters are gone from the area. Thankfully, collecting candy or being surprised by monsters opening the door are not the only things to do in this game. There are several different sidequests like a bobbing for apples mini-game and trying to complete your Creepy Treat Card collection. Bobbing for apples will score you candy and cards, while there are other kids throughout the game that ask to trade you for a specific card they desire. I never found a use for the cards other than unlocking a costume after your collection is complete, but it was still nice to have something a little different to do.


Candy, however, is the form of currency and quite a bit more useful. Candy is used to buy Battle Stamps which can be switched at will for each party member to have some kind of extra ability. Some recover HP, others increase dodge chance, another allows for our counter attack after a successful block and one even lets a character revive itself after one turn of being KOed. Battle Stamps allow you to make fights more interesting and throw another variable into deciding on your personal playstyle.


Another large section of game is finding new costumes in order to progress through the levels and use new abilities on enemies. However, you aren’t just going to find costumes laying around for you to pick up and wear. Instead, you will be given costume designs and then have to find the supplies in chests or through completing sidequests. Some costumes have exploration abilities that can be used as you’re walking through stages. The robot costume can zoom around on roller skates or hop over ramps and the knight can shield your party from falling water in order to get into a sewer. There are a total of 10 different costumes, though I believe only half of them have exploration abilities.


After you manage to get through the gate, you still have two more areas before the end of the game. The second area is a mall, where you meet your other party member, Lucy, after freeing an arcade of monsters. There are plenty more sidequests to be discovered through the 3 floors of the mall, including run-ins with pirates and ninjas, but I won’t ruin anything for you.


Overall, I’m surprised how fun Costume Quest was. The witty dialogue and charming art style made the somewhat repetitive fighting mechanics completely worth it. Honestly, the battles probably on got a little mundane because I found my favorite costume attack sets and stuck with them. None of it was particularly challenging, though I did die on a boss fight once, and it only took me about 7 hours to beat, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. So much so that I plan on buying the extra $5 DLC to return to the final area of the game with the addition of new quests, costumes, Battle Stamps and Creepy treat Cards, as well as to finish out the list of achievements. I’d suggest at least giving the title a shot, if only to see the cool art designs of the costumes and the humorous writing. Besides, who doesn’t like getting candy?