Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Saying that name brings images of soaring over half pipes, grinding rails, and kickflips. The original Tony Hawk Pro Skater allowed players to perform the skating tricks from the depths of their imaginations. 360 melons and the 900 just to name a few. This gameplay paired with revamped high definition graphics has been rereleased with seven levels from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1&2. The question, however, is this: is the repackaged collection of levels worth $15

                In the past few years popular games have been rereleased with HD graphics. Some of these releases have looked good (Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary) and not so good (Silent Hill HD Collection). Worry not, because the visuals in Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD are great. The levels are appropriately detailed and look nice. Unfortunately there are a few problems. Character models will sometimes clip through the environment or be thrown into the air like a rag doll if they do not land the trick. All in all though the graphics are not compromised in any important way and the HD initials rightfully deserve to be in the title.

            The original Tony Hawk Pro Skater had a great soundtrack that fit the action of pulling tricks. Fear not skeptical consumer, because the soundtrack to Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is fantastic. A mixture of old and new tracks still fit the feeling of the game. The sound effects of grinding and your skateboard hitting the ground and flying off ramps are decent.

            Landing tricks and scoring points is what Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is all about. Landing a long combo multi thousand point combo is one of the most satisfying expierences in the game. Each of the seven stages in the game has a list of goals to complete ranging from getting a high score to finding collectables. Each goal completed earns you cash, which in turn allows you to buy tricks, boards, and upgrade your skater’s stats. Finding all the collectables in a level is not challenging at all with the inclusion of a map that shows the placement of them. Another great feature is the ability to restart a level with the back button, which is awesome when you have a crappy run. Other single modes include Free Skate, Hawkman, and single session. The multiplayer modes include Graffiti, Trick Attack, and Big Head Elimination. Big Head Elimination is a fun and frantic game mode where your skater’s head increases unless you do tricks. Don’t do enough though and your skaters head will explode. The controls are a very well done and don’t hinder the experience.

            The final question for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is: Does it deliver on a fun and enjoyable experience? Is it worth your hard earned cash? The answer is simple. Yes! With fantastic gameplay, an awesome soundtrack, and multiplayer modes this game is well worth the price tag and, more importantly, your time.