Obviously this game is quite old, but I still find that this game fresh.  As a story, it definitely goes as one of the most tenses finales to be ever scripted.  Playing with four characters maybe a little confusing, but over time you can instantly warm to them, and reminisce about how someone reminds you of that character.

The story revolves around the Origami killer, a serial killer, who abducts children and drowns them.  He covers the faces over with mud, places an origami figure in the hand, and an orchard on the chest.  

Scott Shelby (far right), Norman Jayden (far left), Ethan Mars (middle left) and Madison Page (Middle right) are the characters you play with.  Scott Shelby is 'private detective' he has asthma and is a character, when accessing his thoughts is very secretive, he tends to applaud and empathise those who are around them and is constantly interrogating those who he tends to speak to.

With Norman Jayden, it's very diffrerent, he was the character that I warmed to the most and enjoyed playing with.  He is an FBI agent from Boston, and with other people who have played the game have taken account his unusual accent, instead of it being 'Norman' it's 'Nahmen' from Basten that works in an 'ahffice'.  He has a kind of pessimistic, empathetic view on life, even lonely.  He is definitely obsessed with his work and always trys his best to do what's right.

Ethan is the father, and with the death of ths other son still ruining his life, he moved from a elf designed house to a dirty, shallow house.  He works tirlessly to bring show his innosence, as his constant blackouts and origami figures in hands, make the media suggest he kidnaps a child.  That child is his son.

Finally, Madison Page s a beautiful reporter who attaches hersekf to Ethan to get a story, and also to fall in love, we are unsure which came first, but depending on which option you pick, you can keep her or discard of her.  Not kill her just let her leave.

This game just pushers the boundaries of how far you could go off you seat.,and with the easily connectable characters and intricate story, it has me hooked on 'the game of the year' and I can play it over and over again without it getting old.