after a year of waiting we finally have the hd remake of THPS HD and all i can say its average, the nostalgia still there, but this is not really the original one, it takes some elements from the first 3 games and blend them all while making a game that's average at best. its full of bugs and you'll be frustated more than one at how badly did they tackle the original game. still with all the crap the game give you a neat roster of old an new skaters including Mr. hawk itself, and your own xbox 360 avatar as a skater (neat), some of the coolest maps are drop into this game, including the famous warehouse level that has been a returning map on nearly every sequel of the game, you can buy boards and stats which its fun actually, soundtrack its kind of cool but anoying at times due to the fact that you can not edit your playlist still if you wait long enough one track from the first game comes and everything goes back in time (flash back) which is pretty fun, the career mode its return to its clasic much simpler status which it was one of the strongest points of the old pro skater game, have fun and skate all while doing some simple objectives.