Ok, Ok, I know I'm way late to the game here but seeing as I only got the game a few weeks ago I decided to write my thoughts down in case anybody is else is looking to pick up this and is unsure about what they're getting into. 

I'm only going to cover the single player aspect in a paragraph or so.

FINALLY!  A game with a sizable chunk of single player! The whole thing last a good 12 hours! Granted, the narrative is confusing and seems more like an excuse to have you hop around the globe and shoot people from different cultures. I think it had something to do with Russians. Anyway, you'll still enjoy the fact your teammates are intelligent and capable of handling themselves in a fire fight, and the fun stealth missions will make you feel like some kind of cyborg ninja with a silenced mg. Always a good thing.

Now on to the multiplayer. I'm going to break it down into two categories: what they did right and what they did wrong. 



The game does a good job of making sure that cooperating with your teammates is an imperative aspect of gameplay. Maybe too good of a job.


The game randomly spawns objectives throughout the map so that the battle lines are always shifting.

Map Design:

The maps are fairly large and well balanced. They're big enough that you don't feel claustrophobic when playing but small enough that you don't have to run for five minutes when you have to spawn back in your deployment.


While they're isn't necessarily an abundance of unique weapons to shootitize, the Gunsmith more than makes up for that. Each gun has your standard customizey doodads with a few new items thrown in for good measure and plenty of camos for you vanity folks. It's immensely satisfying to break your gun apart and reassemble it with your unique load-out specifications. 



Like I said, the game is designed around teamwork, so unless you are playing with a group of skilled friends or a mic'd team, you will suffer. Randoms play the Rambo and more often then not, die a humiliating death. And then you lose. That's pretty much it.


You WILL get screwed over by the objective placement. The obj. spawns randomly in a series of predetermined locations. So you never know what you will get or where you will get it. It is ridiculously frustrating when the game starts and you are tasked with escorting a HVT to a location right in front of the enemy's spawn point. If the HVT is killed, (which will most likely happen unless you're playing against a team of sea monkeys) the enemy automatically gets a 100 points. Sucks right? Not thirty seconds in and they're up a hundred. Well, then the next obj, pops up and its literally 15ft from the last objective. So they can dig in and repel any assault. Up another hundred. If they get three obj. up on you the game is pretty much done. The time limit, realistically, won't allow for a comeback. Not that it's impossible, it's just very, very, very, very difficult. 


My God I have never played a game with worse servers. 2 out of every 3 lobbies I join end in a "disconnected from server" message and return me to the start screen. It can take upwards of five minutes to get into a game and you still aren't guaranteed a full match. Playing with friends is a mess as well. My hypothesis is that the game attempts to shoehorn four people in a party into a game with only two spots available so two get in and two get cut. Frustrating. 

Weapon Balance:

Alright, this one is entirely subjective. It may just be me, but I constantly seem to run into unbalanced weapons. The earlier guns can barely hold a candle to the guns you unlock in the higher levels. This meaning it's not uncommon to be gunned down in two or three shots by a guy with the MTAR while your ACR rounds bounce-harmlessly-off his Hulk skin. Not to mention the entirely random headshots that usually aren't even intentional. Some dude sprays off his PP-19 and you drop dead instantly. Pistols suck too. 


Alright, so there you have it. The negative list seems much larger than the positive so I'm sure you are wondering why I didn't rate it like a 2 or something? Well, it's because when the game works, when the planets align and all is well the game is incredibly fun and satisfying. It really is. Working with your team to secure an objective and then defend it is immensely rewarding. You actually had to use your thinky muscle to win! 

The question is whether you want to put up with the myriad of issues that will undoubtedly afflict you at some point? If you choose yes, then Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will offer you a rewarding tactical shooter. If you decide not to, then...well... I guess you just won't?