For those of us who remember Tony Hawk for what it used to be, THPS HD is a fresh reminder of our nostalgic minds!  I bought the game as soon as it was available, waiting for the page on XBLA to refresh and I have to say...Not at all disappointed.  Its been a long time since i picked up the board and it the hills but this game brings my memories fleeting back!  As we grew up with tony hawk we remember the timed trials, the small maps and the great feeling of pulling off a 900...  But the HD version ads some new and awesome additions to the franchise.  for 360 users, you can play as your Avatar in any outfit that he or she wears (mine is in Master Chief) so its cool to see Chief rip it up!  the new game modes of Hawk-man where you have to do certain tricks through certain orbs to get the points and finish the game or big head mode where you have to keep pulling of tricks or your head will burst!  Its a great addition to the game and the 4 player competitive modes kinda bring it down... if you played the game before like I have you will be pulling off sick combos and tricks where newcomers have scores of 75K and I get 250K+  It kinda deters newbies from playing.  The controls are solid and the music is ripped straight from the previous games with some new ones tossed in.  So does this game feel the same...yes, look the same...yup but BETTER 10 fold!  Anyone on XBLA needs to have this game as well as the PSN guys 1 week later!


Rating 9.5!