I enjoyed playing Skyrim. Skyrim has some good stories, and some fun gameplay. Though, sometimes, Skyrim can get pretty tiresome. I felt that the main story wasn't as developed as the side quests. I recently played a giant conspiracy theory quest in Markarth, and I had more fun playing that than anything in the main story. The weapons have no limit, and each are fun to see and use. Not all the graphics look incredible, especially when looking from a mountain side, but because of thr huge map, buildings, and flora, it's easy to forgive. I know I'm pretty biased. I'm not a huge fan of RPGs like The Elder Scrolls Games. I got this game because my friend spoke so highly for it. I can say, it was a lot more fun than I expected. Sure, I didn't get wrapped up in the story, but I can look back and say I still like this game.