I start off hating everything popular because I'm a huge skeptic. I saw Minecraft on the PC and I tried to find every reason possible to poke fun at it. "Your just breaking open blocks and putting them down again!" I would say. To an extent that is true. However, as soon as I put more than ten minutes into the game I was hooked. It was true for the PC version, and it's true for the xbox 360 version.

The amount of things to do and possibilities is mind bending in Minecraft. You can start up a game intent on only placing an hour or two in it for the day, and then end up wasting the day away making houses built on mountains or diving into caves to get precious resources. Hopefully you've read enough reviews to get the idea of what this game is like. This is a game of pure creative fun. You don't win, you don't lose, and you don't ever stop playing it. If you aren't the creative type, I'm postive you will still enjoy this game.

There are a few problems though. Glitches tend to pop up in unsightly places, and the worlds are smaller than I would have them be. In the first update there was a lack of certain resources (which is now fixed for the most part). They update frequently so many of the bugs get fixed, but I would still like to see a larger world. I have both versions, and while the PC version is considerably farther ahead in updates (and therefore better) the quick crafting and great split-screen make the Xbox version worth getting. I have both, and I play both equally. Xbox is great for family and get-togethers at your house, PC is great for online or lan.