After playing this game since 2009, I've realized that there is so much to do. Literally anything can happen, and that is exactly what I like about a Sims title. its not the ability to torture your sims until they break, it's not the ability to kill sims off like flies. No. It's about making a name for your sim. I once made a sim named Bilbo Bean-Bag, who became a professional sports player, became the world's most renowned author, became an astronaut, and became a super-spy in all a matter of 2 real-life days. And that's not even a consecutive game! That was over the course of 2 months! Anyway, the point is that the game has so many twists and turns, and expansion packs that can be changed to your fitting, that it makes playing God an amusement park ride. I'm glad that this game got a rating as high as it did, and a high replay rating from the staff at GI, because they were the reason I decided to pick up this game for the third time this week, and play it for 3 hours, morphing a city into an amazing place. Now I own every venue in the city, I'm a classy billionaire, and I have four wives. (Not so proud of that last one). And the craziest part of all this? I've only just begun. 


Overall, it's a good game to have if you like to make your own destiny, or change a pacing in a relationship like that (Insert generic snapping noise).