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The Lack of Turbulence Makes this Flight Safe but Boring

Like many people, I enjoy a casual game now and then.  From Bejeweled to Rage of Bahamut, my mobile devices have entertained me with minimalist games that at first draw me in, but soon lose my interest.  It takes a special type of casual game to keep my interest for long periods of time, and I thought Pocket Planes just might be that game.  It started out with a fast pace (for a casual game), and the progression seemed steady, but after a few days the progression seemed to dry up, with very few new options every time I leveled up.

Despite this complaint, the core game is very well crafted, my initial obsession a testament to this, and the art style truly is charming.  Overall, this game is definitely worth its price (free), and it will at least provide a few days of entertainment, or more depending on how obsessive you are.


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