Ok so I've finally got my hands on a copy of Modern Warfare 3. It's not a greatest game in the series but in its own right its a good game and there's nothing wrong with that. Retaining it's formula and refining it to the best they can make it but is it too similar to the last. 

Lets start with the story, its is your globe trotting military campaign with massive scripted set pieces. It's basically a Michael Bay movie and there isn't anything wrong with that. It does the job of setting up the events and the set pieces throughout the campaign. The story never had me emotional tied to any of the characters apart from when a certain character that pasts away. It is your basic action movie, its all about high action and little story in my opinion. When they bought the 'offensive' content I didn't realise it was going to be a little girl dying from a bomb which explodes. Also putting the fact that it was set in London (and I live in London) it made it very offensive. I thought that scene wasn't need unlike No Russian mission in Modern Warfare 2. No Russian triggered all the events that followed such as WW3 and the invasion of the United States. However we don't buy Call Of Duty for the campaign do we?

Multiplayer is where the fun is at. Retaining the basic formula and refining/adding perks and new weapons. Veterans of the series will feel like they have returned home but with a new lick of paint. In the box the game comes with 16 maps and Spec Ops survival mode is playing on each of them. Most maps are tight so you are going to be on your toes most of the time. Reaction time is definitely key. The normal roster of game modes have return like Team Death Match, Free for All, Domination, Headquarters and others. However there are new ones in the roster; Kill Confirmed where its like normal Team Death Match but when you kill someone they drop a dog tag. You must pick it up so you can confirm the kill. This mode definitely adds more team work into the series unlike the others before it. The other is Team Defender where capturing a flag and holding it doubles the points of each kill for your team while the other team gets the normal amount of points.

They have revamp the entire kill streak and have made it into a point streak where it rewards people for playing the objective as well the kills. They have split it into 3 types of rewards; Assault, Support and Specialist. Assault is your regular streaks such as Predator Missles, Attack Choppers and so forth. This as usual resets after you die like normal. Support on the other hand is more support for your team such as UAV, Ballistic Vests and Juggernauts. However support streaks do not reset after you die. Specialist streaks provide you with perks with every consecutive kill and this resets to zero after death losing all the perks you've attained in the process. Your primary weapon will know level along side your character in multiplayer. Adding new proficiency perk such as attachments to your weapons and others like reduced recoil on your primary weapon. All of these added together allow you truly play the way to want to whether its dominating your enemies or helping the team to victory and it has added a lot more depth into the multiplayer. You can invest a lot of time in this and still have things to unlock on different guns.

Special Ops in Modern Warfare 3 has also got a lot more content with it. Along with survival mode it has return with missions which have you and a buddy important objectives with certain conditions. All of these are fun and challenging at the same time especially the survival mode. I truly they did justice on their take on survival. Harder enemy types every wave, having to save up money to buy the better equipment and challenge from every special wave. Also provide its own level system in it so like the multiplayer it get you to unlock all the weapons, maps, missions and support. The intensity of when your buddy goes down and fighting your way through enemies trying to save. This is the kind of feeling I love in COOP games and Modern Warfare 3 nails it. Also providing split screen play for both multiplayer and coop is a very welcome addition, it has an aspect that a lot of games with multiplayer do not have these day. 

Graphics wise the game doesn't go leaps and bounds over other games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 but it does its job. That job is many large explosion, AI and so much more without a hitch in the frame rate. People say that they should update their engine or get a new one but this one does the job and it does it at 60 frames per second for smooth fluid gameplay. It's not a bad looking bad game at all, it still looks good but against its competitors graphics wise it lost that war. Now AI in this game has a lot to be left desired in both the campaign and coop. Sometime they just run out of cover straight into your line of fire. It kind of breaks the immersion of the game. However friendly AI on the other hand were more helpful. Throwing grenades when they are near me and staying out of my line of fire. 

Overall this game has left me with a good impression. I can see why lot of people on the internet hate on the game but why change something that works so well. It maybe a bit similar to the previous ones and doesn't reach the heights on the first Modern Warfare but in its own right its a good game that undeniable has a lot of bang for its buck.