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Beyond the graphics looking better, there is nothing to fawn or get all giddy about this game the reality is for many people who don't give a %^&* about online play. This game for lack of a better term SUCKS, and stinks to the lower levels of hell. The fact blizzard stripped this game of offline play should have been warning enough but unfortunately I purchased the collectors edition . I would have had more fun burning a hundred dollar bill then i ever did playing this game.

  • BIAS is why your opinion will never be taken seriously. Your only provided reason for disapproval is a lack of offline play. You bought the collector's edition...go play Diablo 2 if this one sucks so badly

  • Absolute garbage, you will have fun until you reach level 60. The game is OK, but for all the anticipation this game will be quickly forgotten.

  • lol I am sorry but this "review" stinks of *** to the high heavens. Really? the game sucks? you get the collector's edition, which tells me you bothered looking at the Diablo page pre-launch and what? were expecting something entirely different from what you saw?. Buuuuuuullshiiiiiiit.

    Like so many other "hardcore" D2 fans (*** that leaves a nasty feeling even typing), you just are looking for excuses to b*tch about the game. You are leaving out all the stuff that D3 has in common to D2, which in rational terms would bring the game close to being on par with D2. And rather than going point by point on why the game "sucks" (which I bet you still play), you just burn it based on ONE point. lol seriously: gtfohere.

    You didn't want to write a review, you just (like so many other morons that want to piss and moan about the game) where looking for an outlet to vent your unfounded anger. For that, there are the Blizzard forums, god knows they are filled with bitchers, so don't try to disguise this joke as a review.

  • Hmm double post for some reason. What the hey hey.
  • This will be regarded as a troll review.