I give Mirror's Edge a 10.0 because it has several  aspects I like. Its a perfect blend of action and puzzle. The Parkour being the center of the game got me into it when I first picked up the controller to play. I like the cartoon look the creators added, it keeps me living a fantasy of Parkour, because I'm running on top of buildings, for the most part, while I can get a feel of real Parkour in the video game. One of the Achievements "Free Flow" explains what Parkour is, one non-stop fluid motion, and this game shows it with how you must keep a Flow in order to break the puzzles and crack several codes that get you to the next level. Being that Mirror's Edge is basically a 'cartoon graphic' game, my old 360 Arcade doesn't freeze, even when I jump off the edge of a building and hear the wind as if I was really falling. Speaking of which, the sounds that the creators gave when you hit the pavement below, you hear a "SPLAT" after you hear realistic wind rushing through your TV's speakers. The sounds makes my entire body ache from the grossum sound, but the realism is so legit that I jump off, intentionally, just to hear the sound. I couldn't see how Mirror's Edge could be any batter. And I hear that there might be a second one, I'm going to get it if the rumors are indeed true.