Honestly, I really thought this game was a breath of fresh air.

The gadgets and stealth allow this game to secure a place on the field of tactical games, but with excellently done gunplay, it allows for it to stay on an action shooter player's radar.  The campaign is surprising long for a shooter.  Each mission feels different from the others, and each one is fun in its own right.  Even though the graphics are a bit dated, the dialogue and cutscenes do just fine.

The Gunsmith is the star of the game.  I've never had so much fun customizing just one weapon.  However, in multiplayer at least, there's not much reason to use more than 1 or 2 weapons out of the hundreds of customizations.  

And yes, the multiplayer.  It's extremely well done.  I was relieved to notice that the players over the mic were calling out targets and marking objectives as well as warning of enemy advances rather than K/D scores.  The objective gameplay is very well balanced with necessity to kill the enemy.  However, don't expect to win the game if all you do is kill the enemy.  Want to win? Prepare for a fairly pitiful K/D ratio.  Even so, the deaths don't prevent you from completing the objective too badly, as you respawn very quickly for a game that's unforgiving.  As for the maps, each one is EXCELLENTLY done.  There may be a few camping spots, but with the use of a good engineer with shared intel with the team, it's no problem.  From a desert map with tents to a Russian pipeline, I always had a feeling of being rushed, unlike Battlefield where you can hang back and do nothing.

Overall, the campaign was pretty good and the multiplayer is stellar.  I highly recommend it.  If you don't have a PSN or Xbox live account, you might feel a bit slighted, but don't forget that the multiplayer is the true draw in every shooter.