With strong titles like Super Mario 3D Land, and the re-release of the classic Ocarina of Time, Nintendo's 3DS has been struggling to really bring a "fresh" title to the handheld. So why not revive a hibernating title like Kid Icarus?

The original Kid Icarus was a challenging title on the NES, but it still retained a strong appeal despite it's steep skill climb. It was hard to hate Kid Icarus, and it only made it harder to see Pit disappear for so long. He made a brief appearance in Brawl, but fans still craved more. Thus, Kid Icarus: Uprising was created and released for the 3DS. The wait, was well worth it.

The title consists of land and flying portions, flying being the stronger of the two, but land had it's moments. Overall the excitement maintains throughout Uprising, whether that be single or multiplayer. The Light vs. Dark battles are filled with chaos, but the real fun is in Free-for-All. Expect to be playing more than one match during play sessions, as the games remain short, but leave you addicted and wanting more.

The control scheme is a difficult obstacle to overcome, but your hand should overcome it, and be well versed with the controls after a few short hours. The voice acting is top notch, and the childish antics and jokes had me chuckling several times.

Kid Icarus: Uprising has so many ways to play, thanks to the combining of weapons at any point in the game. The weapons and powers you earn can even be used in multiplayer as well. The difficulty of the game can be raised, but there's more risk to lose, so the replay value is the highest of any 3DS game to date. This game came out a month ago, and I'm still overwhelmed (but happy), with the awesome glory of Kid Icarus: Uprising. Pick it up. You won't regret it.