Definitely a worthy successor.


Graphics were top end (for the Wii)


Music was great.  Perfect for every area and battle (my personal favorite was the first dungeon's music)


Gameplay was a fantastic new addition to the Zelda series.  It cant be stated better than above.  At first its difficult to take out even the easiest of enemies but as I progressed through the game I noticed (and was proud of) my improving skills at dispatching even the most challenging of enemies.  The bosses were creative and different than the usual bosses.  They are like a whole nother puzzle.  Now I may be a little picky but I would love to have the miny bosses back from twilight princess.  Items were well controlled and flowed seamlessly with motion where applicable. The new item menu was a great addition that kept the gameplay flowing and provided less stops in the middle of the game kept it fast paced and actiony. 


Negatives-  The musical instrument.  Very dissapointing...  the occasional trouble navigating the item menu or adventure puch  (my main trouble was pointing left). Some of the dissapointing quests during the song of the hero (tadtones for sure).  I would much prefer a new set of dungeons and more items.  I miss the hyrule overworld. I liked it more than the skyworld overworld (which was still descent besides its spread apart vastness and lack of action.


I would definitely reccomend this game to anyone.  This game has made it into my top 3 of all time video games ever so go get it and have your own gripping adventure today.