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Left 4 Dead User Review

Horror usually isn't my cup of tea. Movies, books, video games, et cetera. Nope, nada. I don't find the idea of peeing my pants funny, because I am easy to scare, I'll admit. When I saw the very first screenshots of Left 4 Dead, I thought I'd never play this game. 

One weekend, I went to my friend's house (who loves video games and wrestling as much as I do), told me to pick up the second controller. I thought he'd call me a coward if I didn't so I picked it up and turned it on. I'm glad I did. 

Left 4 Dead provided the best co-op shooter I had played since Halo: Combat Evolved, and the best I would play until Borderlands (which I am still playing at the moment). The AI was excellent, probably the most advanced at this time. I wasn't surprised, since it was this was, after all, the same group of people that brought us Half-Life and Counter-Strike. Kudos to Valve! 



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