I didn't know if I should try portal 2. I not the biggest fan of puzzle games. Then, I'd just try Portal 2 just a few days ago. I wasn't disappointed one bit. Portal 2 is a smart, witty puzzle game that you really should try.

Graphics are great. The enviroments and the use of technology is spectacular. Score is good, voice acting is great. Everyone does give a great performance in each character that's in this game.

Story is all right. At first , it was confusing, but then got better. Gameplay is really good. You can do yourself  and do a 10-12 hour story mode. Then, you can also do co-op with you and a partner can work together on co-op. There's tons of stuff to do.

Overall, portal 2 is a great game. It really makes you think, which adds to the amount of fun you'll have. This is highly recomended. That's why I would give Portal 2 a

9.25 out of 10