To start off, Dead Space 2 was absolutely crazy...after chapter 5. Although i didn't play the first Dead Space, the first four chapters of the game are just plain lame. I was playing on casual however, so that might be the cause. Still, I was familiar and comfortable with the controls halfway through chapter 2, but it felt like i was getting target practice until chapter 5, where things really got insane. After a plot twist and a freaking awesome cinematic sequence somewhere between chapters 5-8, Isaac is scrambling for more info on how to get to the marker. I'm not going to say anything about the story, however, i must say, Isaac is a pretty good character in this game, along with the people he meets throughout his dark, twisted journey. Although chapters 1-5 weren't very exciting, I'm now noticing just how good of a job Visceral did with raising the difficulty through the game.

Dead Space 2 Review The upgrades that you get throughout the game are very satisfying. Every new suit that you get looks cooler than the one you had on before, every weapon is awesome, the bench worked as it was supposed to, and the economy worked very well(at least on casual it did). The zero-gravity sections were very fun and interesting. I really loved how there is no HUD. All the info you need is on your suit. Kinesis is the coolest thing I've ever seen in a third-person shooter(or a horror), and the ability to slow down the necromorphs is fun and life-saving. Honestly, while I was playing the game, I didn't have time to think about any of this. I was either eagerly awaiting the next button prompt, plot twist, or necromorph. The sound was just pure amazing, the sound made this game. Nothing would've really been scary without the sound. Don't ask me what kind of music was playing, I honestly don't know. It would sound like tension throughout the entire game. That's the illusion that makes people think things are going to jump out at any second. I loved the sound in space too. It was muffled and sounded underwater, I loved it. Dead Space 2 isn't necessarily a creepy horror, it was more like an action horror. I'll try and avoid spoilers when i describe the ending. Put it this way, Isaac thinks he failed, he sits down, things crumbling around him, and does an extremely emotional face-palm(hehe). The credits start to roll, then stop, and something good happens. The end. When the credits actually started rolling I pushed away from my desk and took a deep breathe. My hands were shaking with fear, from a game. This was the most amazing, intense game I'd ever played. I also loved the Dead Space 3 tease after the credits. But I think I'll take a break from necromorph slaughtering for a while.