As my title suggests, this game is for Silent Hill fans, not casual gamers. Although I strongly disagree with GI's 7 I understand they view it from a perspective for casuals.  So my review will be for SH fans....

For many years Sh fans have been yearning for a SH title that brings the quality of the first 3. This game delivers, the atmosphere is done with perfection and the plot will keep the player interested. Even though, the original SH composer is gone, the new composer ( The guy from Dexter) did a remarkable job playing haunting tunes.

The only complaints I have are technical issues such as frame rate drop and that you can't manually save. Many people would complain about the combat, but SH has never been known for great combat. the best way I can describe is a mix between the originals and homecoming. Murphy isn't some super human ( like Alex who could fight multiple enemies at once) however he can defend himself, but it will always be clear when it's time to run.

This game was worth the $60 I spent, and hopefully many other Sh fans will agree. I'm looking forward to Vatra doing the next SH game.