Well i just started playing and was able be get through the first chapter and i have been entertained. the game plays slightly different from its predecessors of which since January I started to play and honestly the feel is about the same as NG2 aside from some tweaks. I will probably write a more in depth review after i finish the game. but for now I say its about the same as the first games. But for those who feel it is extremely different from the previous ones honestly the only real difference I've felt so far is that there is a little more things going on in the game and movement is key, and this is the direction  at least game play wise NG has been moving. At least that's the perspective of a guy who finished NGSigma in January and NG2Sigma in February. If you take my word for it, the game is a worth while purchase if you feel like more action on screen is better for the NG3 series. But as I Said this is just a First Impression Review and I have not finished the game yet and I will do another review once i have completed the task and have enough time to type it up.



Also some of the Accessibility Features Are wrong.