Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of the artist for this game. I had huge hopes for a fun action adventure game with nods to other game franchises I enjoyed. There, that's out of the way. This game is a pretty mess of poor controls and blatant theft. Portal, Zelda and God of War are all great in their own rights. This game is a jumbled mess of poorly implemented concepts. Concepts that are better utilized in the games they're taken from. The enemy lock on rarely works, if at all. Jumping and platforming should not nearly be as unresponsive as it is. Blocking? What blocking? Remember I said something about unresponsive controls? Apply that to everything that requires a button press. Everything but perhaps the gun, sword and scythe weapons. I had a problem with the x axis always being on and had to change it each time I started the game up again. The in-game "hint" feature is useless. There were times where I needed a nudge in the right direction and all you get is some smarmy garbage from whatever your companions name is. The game teaches you its rules for boss encounters in mini boss sort of encounters and then breaks them later. That is counter intuitive and shoddy game mechanics. When I first came across the finishers, I had thought I'd see at least a couple different ones for each enemy type. Nope, you get one each. The zombies get two. I bought this game for around $20 and I'm glad I only paid what I did. I cannot believe the high scores this game has received. I will say that I enjoyed the art style, voice acting and the majority of the areas you visit. There's just so much dragging this game down for me to truly enjoy it though.
P.S. Loading in mid-fall or fight? Yeah that happens too. I put this game down too many times in frustration. It's worth the $20 or less. More than that and you're wasting your money.