My First Review will be one of on one of my favorite games star wars the old republic. When I first heard that lucasarts and bioware ( mainly lucasarts)  were making a new star wars game I was so excited that I screamed YES!!!! in the middle of Gamestop.  I got this game ASAP. I emmediately went to playing the game as a republic smuggler. (I after a lot of trouble to download the game and make an account on the website.) The game starts me out on my starting planet. I am delivering some weapons to the republic troops on Ord Mantell. I am immediately asked to deal with some separatists in the area. During the interactive conversations I have the choice to be rude and do it so that I can get away or agree to help just to help them. There are many side quests along the way most have the same basics help them to be greedy or to be nice. When I return after killing some separatists I find that a thief named Skavak has stolen my ship I must the go to see Veedo and ask for his help in finding Skavak.

    Star Wars the Old Republic is a very fun game that should keep you excited.

The mechanics are great it also has very good shortcut buttons.

The graphics are good during conversations or cinematics ,but aren't good during the game setting the graphics to normal will cause the game to become nearly unplayable except with the fastest Internet connection. The story will keep you playing even if you aren't into anything else. The multi player is not necessary,but it is useful and a lot of fun. It has plenty of lore content . 

I hope to see you playing on the sever The Maw If you see Captain Kibbit be sure to tell him his review was good or bad and play some of the flashpoints or warzones with him