I first heard of Tekken X Street Fighter in an earlier issue of GameInformer and I had to say I was skeptical. Mixing two figthing game juggernauts into one game seems like a perfect combo right? I wasn't sure about this game because of the fact that the 2 games are completely different in terms of characters, story, and universes. Well, this game turned out pretty good in fact. I have to applaud Capcom to taking a bold turn by mixing these 2 together into a monster of a milkshake of awesome.

Gameplay wise, this is pretty darn fun. I found my self accustomed to the mechanics of the moves and found it easy to gain my learning curve. For those new to video games should have an easy time learning. Otherwise, it's great fun for veterans of both games.

Graphically, it's not Battlefield 3 quality but it gets the job done for a fighting game. Characters and backgrounds look good and the special effects look great even up close. It's a eye-appealing game but sometimes I found my self dizzy after a round ( my only complaint for presentation).

The audio is pretty good at times and I even found myself putting on my Turtle Beaches to hear the face pounding punch. Or that groin kick...

I have to say I wasn't too enthusiastic when I saw Capcom was mixing these 2 together. But after spending time with the game, I completely converted my mind into liking this game. I can see myself playing this game in the future often with my friends.