There are many things that make up a good Call of Duty game. A good story, awesome moment, great online, and a fun coop. Modern Warfare 3 has all of these things. The story takes place directly off Modern Warfare 2 and it's actually very good. It starts off pretty slow with mindless shooting but after a while, there's a plot twist that happens that isolates you from everyone else and it gets pretty intense. The ending while it may have been really cool, it felt like it was lacking in the fact that we don't know much about what happens after. Overall the story was very well worth it. The spec ops are really, really cool and extremely fun with a partner. It's fun solo but it's always better with a partner. The online is addicting as well and of course great. However there are childish problems that the online has. It has many connection errors and it has to have the worst mic problems in any game of 2011. You will be lucky if you can understand someone at all. And the same problem with the migrating host thing is still there. You'd think they'd fix that, but no. Overall it's a great game with some problems of it pretty much being the same, online problems and the small ones. It's still the best call of duty game to date.