This game hasn't really grown much from Brotherhood. But that's not a bad thing, it's not really supposed to. You still play with Ezio, and he has gotten even more awesome with his slow motion, brutal kills. You still climb towers to unlock your map, take over Crusader controlled zones, purchase shops and landmarks, and unlock new weapons and armor. You still wander around more or less aimlessly looking for treasure chests and pick ups (which in this game are fewer, but you don't have maps to find them ... at least I haven't seen any yet.). Basically almost everything from the first games have remained in Revelations, except horses.

    The two biggest changes in this game are the hook blade, which makes climbing, jumping, fighting and free running better, and bombs. Bombs are fun to play around with, but I've found that I forget about using them most of the time and stick to my favorite crossbow and heavy weapons in combat. The hook blade is a cool intoduction and it makes for some cool brutal kills which I prefer.

   The three other changes are the den defense side game, Altair memories and the Desmond first person platforming levels. Personally the Altair memories have failed to impress (so far they've been kind of bland), and the Desmond missions are a little strange, being kind of Portal-ish. But i think the den defense is cool, but I like tower defense games.

   Overall, about the same as Brotherhood. Not a bad thing, but nothing too incredibly new.