When a game manages to make the player not feel lonely in the great vastness of virtual reality, then you know it has done a good job. Red Dead Redemption (RDR) puts you in a world streaming with life with so much beauty that you could literally put the game in just to admire the graphics and art that has been put into it; It really is a lifeline in the "are games an art debate" because this game is definitely a masterpiece.

The story in RDR is so well made, that even though I haven't touched the last two games, I was still hooked into the plot and not once did I question my motives during a mission because of it. The ending is superb none the less and is probably one of the best I've seen in a video game, bringing emotion out, unlike very few games can. 

I was surprised at how long I was playing the multiplayer of this game for; but this was mainly due to the very well designed animations and overall gameplay features such as 'Dead Eye'. Using 'Dead Eye' and watching enemies fall too the ground in slow motion has never been so gratifying.

It's main flaws were in the multiplayer where not too often you would experience invisible enemies, which would ruin the experience of being in the world of online RDR.