Mirror's Edge is a creative take on the first-person style of gaming and delivers it in an artistic and exciting manner. Below is a list of important facets of a game and my own personal feelings about them. 


The story in the game follows Faith, a 'runner' in what appears to be an abstract painting. These runners work as information messengers throughout the city, while cops and other local officials constantly try to find and stop them from spreading this news so that control can be maintained. The characters, such as Faith's fellow runner Celeste or cop Miller, are enjoyable enough, but the general flow of the story seems incomplete. This story is mostly given through animated cutscenes, which are presented smoothly and skillfully. 


Mirror's Edge is a game in which many have focused on the unique focus on moving along the rooftops and finding multiple ways to confront (or avoid) your enemies rather than the shooting and carefully planned strategies of most shooters. Believe it or not, the gunplay in the game, while not too terrible, is inferior to the great combat. Enemies are relatively uncommon and cause little trouble as long as they are faced one at a time. The game, or more the environment in it, allows for many different approaches to enemies, from ninja kicks to disarms that knock out the victim. Moving across rooftops, although unquestionably the best attribute of the game, can become frustrating and navigation can be confusing.