Devil Survivor Overclocked is an enhanced port of the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff Devil Survivor. But is this game worth surviving, read on to find out.


                              Devil Survivor Overclocked has one of the greatest stories I’ve ever seen in a video game. Don’t let the visuals fool you, this game has a very dark storyline. The Game takes place during a lockdown in Tokyo, the main characters have devices called COMPS (which look like 3ds’s) that allow them to fight and summon demons. Of course this being a Shin Megami Tensei spinoff other people have COMPS and are using them for their own gain, pitting them against the main characters. There are a total of five endings in the game, each of them dealing with the lockdown in a different way. Which ones you can get depends on who you talk to and how you respond over the course of the seven days.


                              The gameplay is a unique mix of srpg mixed in with a variation of the usual Megami Tensei Rpg/mon fusion. In battle each human character is flanked by two demons, forming a team of two. The combat is turn based, with each team getting its own individual turn. Once you choose to attack an enemy, the fight plays out like a turn based rpg, each character only gets one move and can earn an extra by landing a critical hit or striking a weakness, and the same goes for the people you fight. You can use healing spells, buffs/debuffs and status cures without attacking, but each member can only use one out of battle per turn. Each Demon/character has 7 slots for skills, 3 for command skills, 3 for passive skills and 1 for auto/race skills. Skills can be gained by selecting a skill on an opposing demon before the battle starts and assigning it to a team, which has to beat that Demon in order to get it. Despite the complexity of the system, the interface is user friendly so it’s easy to get into it.


                              Outside of battles you’ll explore Tokyo with menu based navigation. In general you’ll be able to pick who to talk to and what battles to attend, both of them take up 30 minutes and you only have seven days, so pick wisely. You also have access to optional battles which don’t consume time. You can also use the Demon auction to gain new Demons by paying them and Fusion to fuse two demons into a new one. Of course once you fuse a demon you can resummon the demons you fused away by using the compendium, for a fee of course. This game also comes with full voice acting and a unique twist on a new game+, where you gain awards based on what you did in your playthrough, which are used to select bonuses for the new game+ like transferred over skills or demons.


                              Some complaints I have for this game is the lack of any of the 3ds’s features. Of course Atlus stated they put in so much content they were worried it wouldn’t fit onto the cartridge so I suppose it’s justified. Also, you really don’t have access to that many human team members outside the initial trio till the seventh day. But these are all minor and really don’t detract that much from the experience.


                              Overall, Devil Survivor Overclocked is one of the greatest video games ever. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend you change that. This game is most certainly worth surviving.