i know for me i have a lot of good memories of playing jak and daxter on ps2. this was one of the first games i ever really got into and its one of the games that got me into games. i really enjoyed the first one but i never really got into the 2nd and 3rd ones cuz i wasnt really into the whole open world thing especially when they were so different than the first one. i really do appreciate that naughty dog had the balls to try something different with 2 and 3 cuz i hate it when game series just follow the exact same formula for all of their games because it just gets stall after a while. i mean they know theyll make money if they just recycle what they did in the first one and thats usually what happens. i think 2 and 3 were still good games i just never really got into them as much as i did for the first one. this is def worth buying though