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Shut up, Bill.

There's nothing more satisfying than shooting a moaning, stinking piece of carcass at two in the morning.

At least, that's the time it was when I first tried this game. Left 4 Dead surely isn't what most would call "Original", but it sure is fun. You're plunked in a post-apocalypse type scene with hundereds, thousands, maybe, of groaning zombies. You and three others have to make it through a series of safe houses until you reach a rescue station. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, not exactly. There's something about an overweight zombie gurgling and burping before upchucking green slime that's a teensy bit scary. Mostly because it attracts a horde of zombies. What do you do? Fire away.

Zoey, Louis, Bill, and Francis are stuck in numerous sticky situations, and it's your job to get them out alive. (I, personally, always choose Zoey.) If it's not hordes or boomers, it's smokers that cloud up the area when you shoot them, and you'd better shoot them quick- because their disgustingly long tongue will wrap around you and pull you to death. The hunter's awful screech is the only warning you get before ones pouncing on you and tearing you to shreds. If the ominous music and shaking ground didn't alert you, the beefy oversized tank will. And if you hear crying? You'd better turn off your flashlight and walk slowly. It's not a woman crying, I can assure you.

The graphics on this game are pretty decent. They're not the best I've seen, and sometimes you get the occasional hilarious glitch where Bill and Francis are...in an...awkward position, let's say that. But if you get close enough to a boomer, you might have to run to the bathroom. If his greying and decomposing skin didn't gross you out, the giant sores on his stomach surely will. 

The music really contributes to the game, mostly as clues that something's going to happen. The dark and ominous "Tank!" music sends me spinning in circles to find it, and scrambling away from any corners. The faint trickles of music alert you to hordes, and the eerie wailing music tells me I need to slow down and turn my flashlight OFF.

Gameplay is simple. Shoot zombies. Bonus points if you get a headshot. Try not to die. There's no elaborate plot, no twists and turns. Just some zombie-shooting action. 

Re-play value is slightly higher than most games. It's a good game to pull out to relieve some stress or relieve boredom. Overall, an excellent game that I'll play for as long as I can.


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