I just absolutely love the Assassin's creed series it has a great story and great mechanics, even tho i never played the first assassins creed I did play and beat ACII and ACB. Loving those two games I didn't hesitate to buy ACR when i first bought my Xbox 360. When i first started the game I was amazed it started out good with me escaping death and then hunting down this guy then as I arrived at Constainiople, the new setting in ACR, i was amazed at how big and intricate the city was. The new weapons were amazing. I had great interest in this game and I thought it would be an amazing thrill-ride but after about an hour in I felt it was nearly exactly the same as brotherhood, capturing areas, buying shops and armor, it felt too familiar and after about 15 story missions I put it up and haven't touched it since. Now for the people thinking "this guy cant judge the game without playing all of it" I really would like to finish the game but I just can't and i feel awful about it. So that was the campaign, now on to the multiplayer when i first picked up multiplayer I thought it wasn't bad but after awhile, I didn't like it as I sucked at it (I know not a good reason to hate it) but my biggest problem is the technical issues it takes a VERY long time to find a game, especially when you have friends playing with you in a party and then at times my character would freeze in the middle of a kill. No it's not my internet or my Xbox my guy will freeze and i can move the camera around and see people and players running around, this problem happens alot and until ubisoft fixes it i won't be playing anymore ACR multiplayer. In short ACR is a good game with small changes if you are interested in the story then i suggest buying it but if you want to get it for new gameplay don't.