It wasn't about Makarov, it wasn't about World War III, Russian terrorists, or The Four Horsemen.
It was an epic, the epic, of Captain Price.

When I first arrived at my friends house to play Modern Warfare 3 I was happy with it. Nothing over the top, just a game deserving an 85/100, probably less. The multiplayer didn't bring many new things to the field, which I expected. I was however happy to see weapon proficiencies. This game didn't bring too much to the table but I enjoyed it like I have with the last two Modern Warfares, just not as much. It felt old and tired, because it was. I am sad to say that I was disappointed that they mad such mediocre multiplayer again. Not that it was mediocre in MW2, it's just I wanted more from a new game.

At this point this game wasn't looking so swell for my review. Then I played Spec Ops, oh how Spec Ops annoys me. Then I saw Survival and thought late to the game of horde mode but I'll try it. I enjoyed it, it was okay, nice change of pace from little kids screaming into their mics and shotgunning the hell out of my face. This game was about 80/100, just worth playing.

I booted up campaign and I was expecting something really horrible. If you looked at Call of Duty 4, the campaign was better than Modern Warfare 2's campaign. I expected it to go farther downhill. I played the first couple of levels which were interesting but nothing too great. I get about halfway through the campaign and I start to love it. I feel great, I feel the twists and intensity I wanted it was far more than I expected. When I finally arrived at the end I felt horrible because I expected so little of this. I was glad to watch how I beat the living hell out of the Fourth Horseman. I loved this campaign, though not as good as CoD4 but still quite impressive compared to the it's other features and Black Ops campaign.

I'd give the multiplayer and Spec Ops a rating alone of 80/100 but Campaign was a perfect or damn close.
I loved this campaign too much to give it a horrible rating so I'll award it with a 97/100.
Patience... Don't do anything stupid.
Stay frosty.