The Demo that I had played a few days ago was at first a little scary. It was made by Ubisoft which didn't make very great games lately unlike my favorite Raving Rabbid series. At first I was hesitant to play it, but then I started the game and the game made itself clear to me that it was great. The great thing that I saw was the beginning where your godlike character becomes real.

The whole point of the game is to get your people to a totem so that they can start a village that was extinct. The reason for their travel to the different worlds is to challenge your ability for creativity and skill in building thing the elements to protect the people from the elements that they knew how to deflect in the past. But the people have forgotten their heritage and need the your help to re-learn it.

What I played was a level where a tsunami comes to your village in a certain amount of time to help them by getting your guru to learn the ability of water repel and take it back to the village. After that I had to send more people to the other totem before the next tsunami came. While this can be fun if you are into puzzles and challenges you may as well play some levels over and over because that's what you find yourself doing a lot.