The main focus of my review is that Left 4 Dead was one of the greatest Co-op games I will ever play. It was simple, fun, and had zombies. What more can you ask for? Well Left 4 Dead 2 is still an amazing game, as a 95/100 would show but it wasn't as good as the first one.

The new zombies were interesting. They weren't nearly as effective, a Jockey is helpful to move someone away from the group like Smoker does but once the survivor is incapped the Jockey must move to a new target. A Hunter on his pounce will go until shoved or killed and a Smoker can grab and drag someone from a distance. The Spitters were disgusting and awesome but they were very ineffective unless you had another special infected to keep the survivor held on the goo. Boomers were much more potent. The Chargers are the only new specials I completely embraced. They had range like a Smoker and damage and potency of a Hunter.

The Uncommon Infected were also really cool, they didn't change the game too much but gave a fresh idea to the game and something new for me to kill.

The new weapons were also really cool. The Magnum is very ineffective on Easy and Normal because it's power is only needed for Special infected. The new primary guns were nice to see so we weren't all grabbing the same things, we had preferences now. The old Left 4 Dead had a submachine gun and an assault rifle, and the theme repeats. Now we have perks of certain guns and what not, and I loved it.

The melee weapons were my favorite part.  A weapon without reloads was something any zombie game needs. The Chainsaw was also interesting to use but annoying against a tank.

The new equipment. Not too favored, I don't need adrenaline to pull hitmans (ditching teammates), though it was nice to use to heal and revive quickly. The things like Boomer Bile were cool but just unnecessary. The laser sights were a really nice addition in contrary to the rest of the new equipment, accuracy is always needed. The incendiary  and explosive ammo was cool but the incendiary was unneeded as most infected died before it was helpful. The new ammo was unnecessary and I rarely found it helpful.

The Realism, was a real nice addition to a zombie game, probably one of the best aspects of the new game. Instead of playing a zombie game where body shots work, why not make it feel more like a real apocalypse? Your friends won't respawn midlevel either. Have fun!

A very fun game, that deserves a 95/100 and nothing less.