When I had Darksiders I loved it was pretty good,however I wish I could say I didn't find anything wrong with it but I did.Darksiders is basically a mixture of God Of War and Zelda.No better yet when God Of War and Zelda get it on you get Darksiders.I think one thing that could have been improved is gear,and weapons.In Darksiders you don't really get alot of gear and you only get three weapons(four if you count the armageddon sword).Those three weapons are Scythe,tremor gauntlet,and chaoseater.Now they did good with weapon combos you definently get alot of those.I'll be honest after the game is beat it feel's redundant because your stuck with doing one thing killing demons and angels.As for enviroment it's huge the world is pretty with lot's of room to explore.Then there are wrath abilities.War unfortunetly get's four wrath abilities.But fortunetly they can be upgraded so that they can do significant damage and make War a force to be reckoned with.For example affliction is a wrat ability witch allows War to release spirits to kill hi enemys.So overall it's a nice game with a nice plot.Now all we can do is see what Darksiders ll has to offer.