In an industry filled with by-the-books shooters, adventure games, and RPGs, it's nice to see a great platformer that's not Mario. This combines innovative platforming, tight combat, and entertaining co-op to make a great game you shouldn't overlook in this rush of great holiday games.

The story's nothing to get crazy about (I can't remember what it is as I type this). The entertainment is all in how Ubisoft throws in a perfect mix of new and old challenges to keep you playing to the end. Whether it's riding a moskito, chasing down a treasure chest, or just plain jumping and bubblizing to the end of the level, you'll want to finish.

The only thing that annoys me in this game is sometimes the platforming seems messed up. i.e Being very sensitive to movement (running when you just nudge the analog stick), or not landing on the small platforms even though you calculated it just right.

There is loads of replay value. From all the achievements/trophies you can earn, to 100%ing every level, you'll be playing this for a while after you beat it.

So, overall, don't overlook this game when the tidal wave of holiday games crashes ashore. You won't regret your purchase.