ive played this and beat it and i think i know what im talking about

story- you play as ezio auditore da firenze a more like able and nicer character while free running around italy your family gets kidnapped and sentenced to death even though ezio has proof theyre not traitors he is to late then this game goes on a tale of revenge and ezio finds a ongoing secret war that he is now part of and then in present day you play as desmond miles you then escape abstergo industries the modern day templars and join the assassins as you do you go through the same training as ezio and start to learn his moves as he learns

gameplay-  the gameplay is better now my favorite part is the ability to fight with the hidden blade other than that and some new weapons the combat is still pretty similar but the counters and combo kills are gorier and have new animations for each weapon

graphics- the graphics are great as awlays and italy brings more color

sound- sound is spot on you will hear your feet run across the rooftops to the sound of you blade being drawn then used to attack are spot on

extra stuff- there is alot of extra content and my favorite thing has to be the fact that the targets you killed went missing around the time you killed them its not saying they were killed its just being awesome and the map is much better comapared to the map in ac1