Playing through Runescape and WoW have always left me with a small feeling of dissatisfaction.The games are in no way bad, its just that I have always leaned more towards the hack-n-slash/action-rpg type games. With enemies moving seconds after I have already landed a blow, its hard to feel truly like a warrior.


Fortunately, DC Universe is the only one I have seen who has perfectly managed to add hack-n-slash combat to a massive online game. Punching through enemies actually produces a reaction, and moving to dodge attacks bring on some traditional action elements. 


Character customization is also completely on par. While not exactly City of Heroes quality, it does manage to let players have an almost unique character on every occasion.


The only things I found wrong with the game is the morality system its bugs. Rather than letting players choose their sides as they go, Players are prompted to simply choose "Hero or Villain". Of course being a hero probably isn't as simple as "I'm going to do good", or "I'm going to go hurt somebody". Some heroes would rather rob a bank, and take down a monster ravaging the city if necessary.


Bugs also distract from the experience, with a few frame rate issues, and some texture problems. Of course bugs are a normal part of a MMO experience. 


Overall, The game is free, and if you've just received a PS3 with no games to accompany it, this could fill the gap for the time period . Satisfying action and MMO gamers is a smart move on DC's part, and I am only sad Marvel could have done it first.