Concept: a really fun quest guaranteed to provide mega-satisfaction.

Graphics: Awesome. Everything moves at a pretty impressive frame rate too.

Sound: From gunshots to music, it sounds great.

Playability: Great, the controller is perfectly done.(Especially for the awesome boots that let you move fast)

Entertainment: pretty large. The plot is great with Dr. Nefarious and the other plot that i will not reveall due to spoilers.  there are a lot of other plots along the way. Also, the ship play can be largely fun. Also, the upgrade system is a lot of  fun but the armor, although looks fantastic,is not customizable.

Replay value. Moderatley high

The challenge ship like thing from Tools of destruction isnt great due to lack of levels.


Overall, this is one heck of a game that all ps3 third person fans should definitely grab off shelves.