This is how the Call of Duty series got to where it is today. By this masterful game right here. Modern Warfare 2. I may be being a little too serious about it, but this game is the real deal, from the Campaign to Spec Ops.

The Campaign follows various different characters as the incredible story goes on. First it's PFC Joseph Allen. Impressed by his combat abilities, Allen is recruited to Task Force 141 by General Shepard. He is later sent on a mission with Vladimir Makarov. Allen is an undercover for the C.I.A while participating in a massacre of innocent civilians at a Moscow Airport.

Meanwhile after the massacre, Makarov kills Allen, leaving the body behind, sparking a massive war between Russia and the United States. Like most Call of Duty games, you will switch between two factions: Task Force 141 and the United States Army Rangers. 

On Task Force 141, you will play as Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson, while fighting along side Captain "John" Soap MacTavish and Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley. You will fight in various locations, eliminating Russians and Brazilian Milita. 

But on the Rangers side, you play as Private James Ramirez, which you fight in United States locations such as Washington D.C. and Virginia. 

Eventually, Ghost and Roach are trying to find Makarov in a Russian-Georgian Estate, until betrayed and killed by General Shepard.

Now, you will play as Soap in a search for Shepard.

After finally locating Shepard, Soap and the rescued-from-prison Price chase down Shepard, while Soap almost loses his life from multiple wounds, and finally, Soap kills him, ending the Campaign.

It was the most fantastic Call of Duty Campaign I've ever played, and after completing it, you are rewarded the Museum, which shows displays of enemies from all the missions. And the fun part is, you can press the red button at the desk and they will all try to kill you. This is fun in a way.

After playing the Campaign, you will probably skip to the amazing Multiplayer, which is the best one in the series. With a wide variety of weapons, highly detailed and fun to play maps,  some cool interactive killstreak rewards, and incredible game modes such as your standard Team Deathmatch, it's pretty much perfect.

It's a huge difference from World at War, graphics and gameplay wise. I was actually surprised on how much the graphics changed, speaking of them.

After progressing in Multiplayer, you might go on the brand new to the series Spec Ops. The only disappointment I had with this is you can't play with random people online, but that's what Modern Warfare 3 is for. Although this is unfortunate, you can still play with a friend on your list. 

The missions are pretty straight forward. Most of them are pretty challenge and will keep you busy after the Campaign.

Modern Warfare 2 is probably a just about perfect game. There's clearly not much to say bad about it. I was surprised on how far the series has come, and this is totally the best Call of Duty to buy yet, even with Modern Warfare 3 already out.